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InHAIRitance is a salon, boutique and online store that caters exclusively to all wavy, curly, coily and locked hair types. We offer the widest selection of all-natural hair and body products, as well as locally produced jewellery and accessories. Inhairitance equips women, men, and children with the appropriate hair care tools and hair care knowledge to nurture and develop healthy relationships with their roots. We offer FREE and case – specific consultations that involve product demonstrations/testing, careful analysis about previous hair care routines, and give personal attention to clients to find the best hair care treatment for them! At InHAIRitance, we understand that roots run deep and are committed to embracing and celebrating our naturally inherited hairstyles and curls. We assist our clients in reaching positive and inspiring results in various facets of their hair care journey with us– from the personal (psychological), social (relationship & community), political (consciousness), and spiritual (connection)– changing past experiences of hair trauma to dream hair.





Abisara Machold:                                                                                                             Founder of Inhairitance/ Fondatrice de Inhairitance

Natural for 17 years, Abisara has extensive training on the science behind the chemical ingredients in hair-care and beauty products. Beginning her journey in Germany and Austria and graduating with a Masters degree in Communications and Political Science at the University of Vienna, she has a sharp sense of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Abisara is passionate about the commitment to naturally enhanced curly/coily/locked hair through self empowerment and education.Settling in Montreal in 2009, she kept up-to-date in her field and enrolled in hair-care courses. She continues her research and gives workshops, in and out of Montreal, to better understand and deliver successful, natural hair regiments. She practices and promotes the upkeep of a natural lifestyle, from roots to skin to body, through the creation of her own personal products. Abisara understands firsthand the emotional turmoil that comes with hair choices – and their consequences. This helped pave the way to the creation and existence of Inhairitance as we know it today – a safe space for all curly/coily/locked needs, questions and concerns.

Languages: German, English and French


Hairdresser, DevaCut certified

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Personal hair journey: Michal had several times suffered from allergies on her scalp because of unhealthy products she used to use and also because of braids. Since then she decided to use natural and chemical-free products only.

Favorite hairstyle: Wash&Go

Favorite product: “The EarthTones Enhancing Gelly because it makes the hair curl wonderfully, especially on type 4 and it doesn’t dry it out!”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘In terms of education, naturally curly and coily hair, especially type 4, needs to be more invested in and developed. More knowledge is required in order for other hair salons to support the movement and enhance it.”



Nabou :


Astrological sign: Aquarius

Personal hair journey: ‘For a long time I wanted to stop using chemical products but I had no clue about how I would take of my hair and when I started working at InHAIRitance I decided to Big chop because I knew I would find the solutions I was looking for.”

Favorite hairstyle: Wash&Go

Favorite product: ‘The Blended Beauty Curl Quenching Conditioner softens and makes my hair flexible, and it does a great job for a deep hydration treatment.”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘A lot of Black Women don’t know the true potential of their natural hair so they keep on going back to relaxers, awareness campaigns are needed to show the diverse and up-to-date hairstyles so they’re not afraid of how their hair might look like.”

Khady :


Astrological sign: Taurus

Personal hair journey: ‘Obsessed with fake long hair, I used to relax her hair once every 2 weeks but when i got pregnant of my last child, i decided to stop relaxing my hair; i would wear a wig every day for 9 months until i decided to start dreadlocking my hair, that way it was easier for me to handle it as i had trouble finding the right hair products.”

Favorite hairstyle: Dreadlocks!

Favorite product: ‘The Karen’s Body Beautiful Blossom Mist because it hydrates my locks really well and it smells so good!”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘We need more salons specialized in naturally curly hair, and it would be relevant for clients to get the knowledge in terms of maintenance techniques just to make sure people don’t get lost and give up.”

Verline :  


Astrological sign: Cancer

Personal hair journey: ‘I don’t really have a journey, I never had any issue about wearing my hair natural, the thing is I just like to change my look, sometimes I would wear extensions or cornrows and sometimes I would wear a wash&go!”

Favorite hairstyle: Cornrows with extensions

Favorite product: ‘The EarthTones Enhancing Gelly because it’s the first product that made my hair curl!”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘People should have more knowledge about natural hair and all it includes especially in francophone environments such as Quebec and France where this movement is not promoted enough.”

Melissa :


Astrological sign: Aquarius

Personal hair journey: ‘I relaxed my hair maybe 2 times in my life and I would flat iron it to make it straight but at some point I got tired of that and decided to cut the permed parts!”

Favorite hairstyle: Wash&Go

Favorite product: ‘The Blended Beauty Curl Quenching Conditioner is my everything, it does an amazing job on my hair I couldn’t live without it!”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘You need to accept yourself, that’s the most important thing you must do, the products come after.”


Victoria :

Curl Analyst

Astrological sign: Libra

Personal hair journey: ‘I became natural because I love how you can always change your look easily and because it was important for my daughter to grow and love the natural hair that grows out of her scalp.”

Favorite hairstyle: Faux hawk

Favorite product: ‘The EarthTones Hair Butter because I love how soft my hair feels afterwards.”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘People need to have the same love for every type of curls as we are not all 3b 3c. 4a type needs love and appreciation too!”


Meghan :

Curl Analyst

Astrological sign: Libra

Personal hair journey: ‘I used to have my hair relaxed since I was 10 until I meet my boyfriend, then I would go to internet, Youtube mostly, and watch tutorials and products reviews. I became a product junkie but the results weren’t there because I was in transition, so I cut my hair after 1 year of transition and that’s the best thing I have ever done!”

Favorite hairstyle: Wash&Go

Favorite product: ‘The Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle Gel because it gives my curls definition and shine but also volume which I like very much!”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘People should see the multiple options their hair offers, natural hair is not enough spread so people are scared and ashamed, they don’t want to skip the step. Also, we should be able to wear our natural hair wherever we want, because after all, it’s a part of who you are.”

Yves-Céline :

Curl Analyst

Astrological sign: Aries

Personal hair journey: ‘After years of heat damage and allergies to chemical products, I discovered my natural hair texture and therefore I decided to cut my hair. In Ivory Coast you don’t necessarily need to use a lot of different products but as soon as I got here in Montreal I knew I needed more so I started my research to find natural products that work for me.”

Favorite hairstyle: Wash&Go

Favorite product: ‘The Curls Vitamins Repairing Mask because my hair gets instantly happier! It’s hydrated, shiny, soft, and you don’t even need to put perfume on because the sent is amazing and it lasts.”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘You need to trust what you own and stop denigrating yourself. Forget about all the stereotypes and focus on the potential of what your natural hair is able to do. And learn your children that the legacy you transmit them is beautiful.”

Gilles :


Astrological sign: Lion

Personal hair journey: ‘When I was younger I lived in California and everyone happened to have dreadlocks and I thought it was so beautiful so I decided to do it!”

Favorite hairstyle: Dreadlocks

Favorite product: ‘The Eli’s Bodyshop Mango Papaya Shea Oil is my favorite because it smells so damn good!”

What is there to be improved in the Natural Hair Movement? ‘Don’t put to much attention on hair products, don’t forget that your body is as significant.

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